How to Use Your Website as a Sales Tool? (And Make your Medical Device an Instant Hit)

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of your product debut. Where a great device and a solid marketing strategy might be important, there is a lot more to it.

Marketing communications, product documentation, and training, just to name a few. However, during this challenging phase which also includes dealing with regulatory approvals and collateral development, an important sales tool is often forgotten.

Your website.

The homepage of your company is one of the best places to sell your product. As things go, your potential customer is already on your website. All you have to do now is convert this person into a lead.

After you read this post you will know exactly how this is done. Also, I will provide a simple strategy that you can apply to your own website and three easy applicable tips to improve the functionality of your website as a sales tool.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of turning, in the case of your website, visitors into potential clients.

This process is divided into four phases:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

In each phase, there are specific strategies. Let’s go through them one by one.

How to Optimize Your Website as a Sales Tool


In this phase, your potential client becomes aware of your product. When he or she comes to your website, you want expose them to your value proposition. Use an attractive landing page and grab the attention with a title like “Our Medical Device Increases Life Expectancy with 10 Years!”, or “Our Product Improves the Bodies Natural Capacity to Fight Malignant Cells!”

2- Interest

Once you have the attention of your potential client you want to give them something to feed their interest. Add a subtitle to one of the titles mentioned above. For example: “During 18 months of scientific research in over 200 participants, our device increased life expectancy by 10 years by improving largescale neurogenesis.”

This should convince the visitor of your value.

3- Desire

A logical consequence is that your potential lead now has the desire to learn more about the product.

To make the most out of this moment, name a couple of interesting product features like:

  • Requires only 10 minutes of daily use
  • No side-effects
  • Stimulates the natural capacities of the human brain

4- Action

“Well”, your potential client now thinks, “this is amazing!” Time to do something.

But what?

That’s up to you. Put a fill-out form on your website so that the visitor can receive your e-book, a sample of your device or a short video series. All for free of course.

Three Easy Applicable Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lead

Now you have your leads contact information.

That’s an amazing accomplishment. But there’s more.

Here are three easy applicable tips to optimize your website as a sales tool:

  1. Personalize the “thank you page” after your lead downloaded the e-book. Give some more free advice or add social media sharing links to improve the visibility of your product.
  2. Send a thank you e-mail after they downloaded the e-book. A great thing to add to this e-mail is the question: “Is there anything troubling you that we can help you with? We answer every e-mail”. This way you get a good idea of what your customers need, and you improve your companies’ image.
  3. Nurture your new lead. As things go, not every lead will automatically become a customer. Therefore, send relevant follow-up e-mails that keep generating interest and confirm that you are the best company to suit your clients’ needs.

Beyond Manual Campaign

Keeping up with several products to market can quickly become overwhelming this is why companies are switching to marketing automation.

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