Beyond Advertising: Stan Berteloot on Marketing with Content


Content marketing is essential for any business whether it be a global pharmaceutical company or a local bakery shop, says Stan Berteloot, an ambassador with the Princeton chapter of Startup Grind, a global community for entrepreneurs. Today buyers have done 70 percent of their research on their own before speaking to a salesperson, he says, […]

How to Use Your Website as a Sales Tool? (And Make your Medical Device an Instant Hit)


There are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of your product debut. Where a great device and a solid marketing strategy might be important, there is a lot more to it. Marketing communications, product documentation, and training, just to name a few. However, during this challenging phase which also includes dealing with […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New 510K Regulations (In 2 Minutes)


Introduction As you get close to the launch of your medical device, you need to consider many rules and regulations. A significant one is 510k readiness. You may have filed for your 510K and are confident about its approval. But hold on to your horses before taking them for an award show. This blog is […]

Aorta by Aerolib

Aorta by Aerolib

Aorta by Aerolib Aerolib Healthcare Solutions has empowered healthcare providers and organizations to ensure compliance, prevent audits and rejuvenate the healthcare ecosystem. We are introducing Aorta forums: the largest vessel for supplying knowledge to healthcare providers to achieve this goal. Come join Aorta powered by Aerolib Healthcare Solutions for your one stop location for all […]



TakeOverPain Have chronic pain? Don’t know what are your options to takeover your pain…No worries…Takeover Pain provides easy understanding of how you feel pain and its impact, principles of healthy pain management and inform you about all available options to manage chronic pain. A tool to conquer pain !!!

Camraw – DSLR settings estimator

Camraw -DSLR settings estimator

Camraw – DSLR settings estimator Using a DSLR camera and wish there was an easier way to use it?Tired of learning ISO, Aperture and other terms and just need the perfect settings for your picture situation right on the spot?Camraw does all that and more. It’s like having a professional photographer on your side to […]

USMLE Smartcards for Step 3

USMLE Step 3 Smartcards

USMLE Step 3 Smartcards For complete results we also recommend Step 2 smartcards *Designed by physicians, USMLE Step 3 smartcards are a perfect way to review USMLE Step 3 on the move.These cards are more than just flashcards as they help study topics by sorting between Easy and difficult cards.This app enable you to pin […]

USMLE Smartcards Step 1


USMLE Step 1 Smartcards and tests USMLE Step 1 smartcards feature the biggest collection of facts for USMLE Step 1. Designed by physicians with experienced USMLE Step 1 takers scoring 90 or higher percentile. USMLE Step1 smartcards are a perfect way to review USMLE Step 1 content on the go. Topics include :  General Pathology […]

Musical Planets – A quiz game

Musical Planets – A quiz game

Musical Planets – A quiz game Musical Planets is an amazingly fun game It will challenge you to answer solar system trivia questions right! From how dense certain celestial bodies are to which planets are the largest, this game is full of interesting planet and sun facts that will blow your mind! If you aren’t […]

Mr. Eus is Mysterious!

Mr Eus - Story of the future

Mr. Eus is Mysterious! Based in the year 2111, Eus and Teek are young children who love to explore the planets of the solar system. Children are taken on a journey of current factual information through each of the planets. Mr. Eus’ series aims to entertain, educate and engage young readers with quality literature and […]